Harness The Power Of “MPT” To Boost Your Productivity

For most people, there is a magical time of day when, under the right circumstances, they just get stuff done. Some call it a state of flow when they get absorbed by a challenging task, achieve real focus, and things just “click”. Others call it being in the zone when they are able to do really deep work and knock out sticky and mentally taxing stuff.

I like to call this time MPT, your Most Productive Time. For me, this time is in the early morning, the quiet first hour after getting ready and before meetings start and messages begin pouring in. That’s when my brain is the freshest and able to focus. This is the time when I’m best able to do deep work such as writing, coding, or diving into data analysis. When I use this precious mental clarity, I can leverage it to boost my productivity and… continue reading

Body and Mind

I’ve been thinking about what I’m passionate about, what I excel at, and what I can do to help others.

It turns out it’s about creating good habits to keep body and mind healthy. In a way I’ve spent the last 20+ years figuring out things that work to stay healthy, be active and fit, fight off disease, and feel good. At the same time, I’ve put a lot of effort into finding good mental practices to keep my mind sharp and stay productive and balanced.

In order to share my knowledge, I’ve created a new platform called Body and Mind Over 40 – come check it out and come along for the ride!